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Come Over to My House Series

In Loving Memory of Corey "Big C" Chartrand

In Loving Memory of Corey Real Joseph Chartrand...<3 <3 <3 

The Schobrine, the first book in the series, is written based on true stories of Corey's adventures with his sister Kallie while they were growing up. Corey had a heart of pure gold and always put others needs in front of his own. Born and raised in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Corey's family and friends meant the world to him. The creation of this series of books is our way of bringing Corey with us while still allowing him to help others. It is so important to keep the Memories Alive...

A donation from the sale of each book will be given to a children's Charity in Corey's name. 

I would also like to thank Victim Services for presenting our family with:


Our Story...

Family is extremely important to us. Over the years, we did everything as a family, included our children in everything that we did and as much as we could. We always took time from work to spend our time as a family. Sometimes we may forget that we all know how much money we have in the bank but we do not know how much time we have. We choose to use time wisely, creating balance between work, family and volunteering. My children and family were and are everything to me. I captured memories along our journey through this life, taking pictures and writing stories of the adventures that we had along the way. We led a very active lifestyle and also spent time with our children also through many different sports that they were involved in. I loved watching them in their sporting activities and felt so much pride and admiration of their efforts in soccer, hockey, gymnastics, swimming, skating lessons, basketball, volleyball, competitive skiing, t-ball, and baseball as they grew up to be amazing individuals and team players. From their births, I loved reading stories to my children and treasured this precious bonding time with them as well. I felt that my life was perfect. 

On December 20, 2010 our lives changed forever...

Our youngest son, Corey (16) was picked up by his friend, Neil Bursey (18) as they wanted to go Christmas Shopping. A few hours after they had left from home there was a knock at the door. Standing on the steps were two RCMP Officers and two members of Victim Services. We knew something was terribly wrong as an RCMP Constable asked if we were Corey's parents and then told us that Corey was in a car accident and that he did not make it. There truly are no words to describe that moment...the shock, the pain, the agony, the numbness, the denial...I fell to the floor and screamed.

There is also no word that describes the loss of a child as it is unimaginable to a parent. I went into a preservation mode and printed pictures of Corey to surround myself with life moments and memories. These pictures took me back into time where our family was whole before we had to face life without Corey. Back to when we were all together as a family. As best as we can, we get up each day and put one foot in front of the other and get through our day the very best that we can. The tears still flow and with all of the rivers, lakes and oceans that our tears have filled, they keep flowing. I refuse to leave Corey in our past and we bring him with us.

About my Corey..

It is so important to Keep the Memories Alive. While we no longer get to hold Corey in our arms, we now hold him in our hearts. Our Corey stood at 6'6", weighed over 300 pounds and was a giant of a man. I lovingly referred to Corey as my Hercules. In his short 16 years, Corey touched the lives of many people. Those who did not know Corey, knew of him. He was always the first person to help someone in need. If a friend forgot his lunch at school, Corey would take him out to lunch. If you were stuck in the parking lot, Corey was the first person there to push you out. He always had a smile on his face and would do whatever it took to put a smile on your face. He was warm, gentle and so very kind. He truly had a heart of gold. I know his spirit is around us always but I will still miss him forever.

By publishing these books, we are bringing Corey with us, in the here and now and into the future. With his loving nature, by choosing to donate funds to children in need, we are still allowing Corey to help others. Every donation is another smile on a child's face. The books are $20.00 each and we thank you for your support

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