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Come Over to My House Series

In Loving Memory of Corey "Big C" Chartrand

Sheila was raised in the small rural community of Grimshaw, Alberta in the Peace Country. Upon graduation, she moved to Fort McMurray, Alberta to attend college where she met her future husband, Real Chartrand. They had two children, Kallie and Corey who completed their family. The Schobrine is based upon one of the many experiences that happened with their children while they were growing up. It is the first book from the "Come Over to My House Series". Each book is a precious memory that can only be labeled as priceless. Sheila comments, " The bond that grows between a mother and her children is nothing short of a miracle," and also states that her life is so much richer because of them. This book is dedicated in loving memory of her son, Corey who was tragically killed in an automobile accident at the tender age of 16. "All I have left of my son is the love and the memories, and I will cherish every single one of them. You must keep the memories alive."

Kallie Williams ( nee Chartrand), Sheila's daughter was born and raised in Fort McMurray, Alberta where she still lives today. While growing up, imagination was encouraged by her parents in everyday activities, adventures and lessons. Family time was and still is extremely important in everyday life.

Kallie's gentle compassion and nature led her to becoming a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. While working on a surgery and pediatrics unit, she tries to bring a smile into every room she enters. Kallie hopes to use her nursing to help others regain their strength when they are in their greatest moments of weakness.

Kallie notes, "The Come Over to My House Series" will touch the loves of so many. Children will spend quality time reading the stories with their loved ones, while donations from the purchase of each book will be used to relieve another family's financial burdens due to their child being sick or having special needs, or due to the need for specialized medical equipment.

Kallie would like to thank each and every person for their purchase and helping to make a difference in another's life.